Brahman Consciousness - The Enlightenment Course

The Enlightenment Course:
The Sacred Immersion
Brahman Consciousness
Merging with the Divine
Begins September 17, 2018
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The masters of ancient wisdom often suggest awakening to Unity Consciousness as the way of Self-transcendence.

What is Unity Consciousness?

In Brahman Consciousness, unity is realized. The blinding light of love, the greatness of intelligence and power, the separateness of individual identities are all merged into the one love of the impersonal and personal God. God is left as the devotee and the devotee is left as God. The absolute and the relative which were standing side by side, over time, melt into one.

There is nothing left to ‘do’. It is simply a function of time and relationship.

What was experienced as this and that, absolute and relative, becomes one.

What was experienced as side by side, with ever so slight, separate identities of the absolute and relative, the personal and impersonal, melt together.

Join Panache for The Enlightenment Course: Brahman Consciousness and experience the revelation, illumination, remembrance and recognition of the Self.