Breakthrough - A Brand New 21-Day Program to Change Your Energy and Change Your Life - 21 Wisdom Teachings for Dynamic Enlightenment

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21-Day Ultimate Energy Immersion
21 Wisdom Teachings for Dynamic Enlightenment
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To Breakthrough allows you to flourish, to be successful and to achieve your purpose. Thriving isn’t limited to creating wealth or power. You are the body, mind, heart and soul. You have relationships, work, play and a spiritual life. You have an inner life and an outer life. You have many aspects and to Breakthrough means that all aspects of your life flourish, are in balance and you achieve your purpose for being here.

As a child, you felt you could do or be anything. The world was your oyster. Your imagination soared, your creativity flourished and refrigerator drawings and living room concerts abounded.

As you grew older, however, more and more responsibilities became the norm and your knowingness of who you are and why you are here began to fade. You lost sight of your purpose and can’t seem to find it.

Child, meet adulthood, a place where this beautiful mindset of possibility too often gets dismantled by the ego’s attempts to keep you from pursuing your noble dreams.

You work hard, you push and pull at the strings of what people tell you is necessary in order to be truly happy.  Grasping at straws, you look outside of yourself for something that might bring a sense of lasting contentment.  The search for your purpose is put on hold to fulfill other obligations until one day, you wake up and ask yourself, “What happened to the dreams of my childhood?”

My sweet friend, those dreams are embers in your heart and you can bring them back to life.

Your Divine Purpose is just waiting to be re-discovered. And once rekindled through complete inner connection combined with a dynamic outer expression, your purpose can become fully realized.

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