Vibrational Science

You. A Universe of Atoms, An Atom in the Universe.Richard Feynman

If you want to begin to know your true self, go outside on a clear night. Go outside, far away from the glare of artificial illumination that severs us from the natural darkness that has always been the roof of our true home. Go outside in the places that still have the power to embrace us – the wild wood, the open desert, the mountain top and the surface of the sea. Go outside and look up. Look up into the infinity of creation that is a part of the infinity that makes up each of us.

On the clearest of nights, looking up into a star strewn sky, you are confronted with an essential truth. Looking up, you experience a series of deep emotions. Wonder, awe and even, perhaps, a touch of fear all race through you. You may find yourself smiling, even laughing. Something deep inside you is touched and stirs to life. You recognize and realize anew, at a primal level, that you are connected to something far larger, far more profound and powerful, than the imposed routines of day to day life. As you look up, you also look in. You comprehend that this is a part of who you really are. This is where you came from. This is where you are going.

On average, we can see about 2500 stars on a clear night, but those stars represent only a mere 0.000003% of the approximately 400 billion stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way. Furthermore, the Milky Way itself is only one of the approximately two trillion galaxies in the cosmos, each one of which contains hundreds of billions of stars. In total, it is estimated that there are ten billion trillion (that’s a one followed by 24 zeros) stars in our universe. That is an inconceivable number, one that almost has no meaning. However, that enormity is understandable when you begin to look within.

When you look in a mirror what do you see? Of course, you see yourself. However, who are you or, more specifically, what are you? Your body is mostly comprised of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon atoms, the same substances that make up all those stars in the night sky. How many atoms? Well, it is estimated that your body contains 7 billion billion billion atoms (that’s a one followed by 27 zeros). In other words, the number of atoms that make up you is neatly matched by the number of stars in the cosmos. This means that you are a universe in and of itself – an infinity standing in the midst of infinity. We all are. Here we are, each of us, the infinitesimal among the infinite and the infinite among the infinitesimal.

The cosmos is within us, we’re made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.Carl Sagan

Look down at your hand and you’ll see something miraculous. Not only is your hand unique to you, it is also unique to the universe. Your hand, as well as the rest of you, is made up of billions of atoms, every one of which once existed in the heart of a star that no longer exists. That star gave off light and energy, just as our Sun does. It is likely that the light and energy of that star warmed and illuminated planets that circled around it. It is possible that this warmth and illumination gave rise to and nourished life on one of these planets. The energy of that long ago star and the energy that animates you are both a part of one continuing saga. The universe within is an integral part of the universe without. There is no difference between the star stuff that makes up you and the stuff that makes the stars. You and the universe are cut from the same cloth.

This means that your dreams, your aspirations and your goals are also as intimately interconnected with the cosmos as your hand. Your desire for more peace, greater love, improved health, stronger finances or an overall improvement in your sense of well-being are an indivisible part of you. Those dreams, aspirations and goals depend upon the work of your hands, the willingness of your heart and the wisdom of your mind. The atoms of the cosmos are not only a part of the fabric of who you are, they are also a part of the fabric of who you are able to become.

In some sense, each of us is a star. We are discrete, isolated each from the other, but capable of giving off energy and light that warms and illuminates the space between us. All of us and everything that we can see and know is made of the same common substances. We are similar and interconnected – islands of light surrounded by a communal and connecting sea.

Quantum physics reveals a basic oneness of the universe.Edwin Schrodinger

Even though we are all made of atoms, that isn’t where the story ends. Atoms themselves are made of smaller particles and the study of these very small objects is the concern of quantum physics.

Quantum physics has revolutionized the way that we look at the world. It turns out that the fabric of reality is very different at the subatomic level. Things happen there that would be considered illogical or even magical if they happened in the visible world that we are all used to. Nevertheless, these illogical and magical events are real and are happening within us and around us even as we speak.

Atoms consist of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons and neutrons form the nucleus of the atom and electrons orbit that nucleus like tiny planets around a sun. In addition, like a solar system, an atom is mostly empty space. This means that you, as well as your device and the chair you may be sitting on, are comprised of 1% solid matter and 99% empty space. Solidity is an illusion at the subatomic level.

Subatomic particles don’t behave like objects in our everyday world. To begin with, you can either know the exact location of a subatomic particle or the direction it is moving in. You cannot know both. Additionally, at the subatomic level matter exists simultaneously in a dual state, exhibiting the characteristics of both a particle and a wave.

These things appear to challenge all common sense. Yet, they are observable phenomenon, not only as real as you and I, but a demonstrable part of the fabric of reality that comprises all of us and everything around us.

Quantum physics has been able to explain the seemingly illogical and magical behavior of subatomic particles through the development of what has come to be known as string theory. String theory posits that subatomic particles are not particles at all. Instead, they are strings of matter that extend up and out of our three dimensional universe into other dimensions that we are unable to detect. Each string vibrates at a particular frequency releasing energy. We see these strings as points only because we are unable to directly experience objects in higher dimensions. Think about a two dimensional world trying to experience a sphere or cube and you’ll get the idea. The two dimensional beings could understand a circle or a square, but the three dimensional counterpoints of those shapes would be invisible, yet real nonetheless.

This means that the infinity in and around us is woven, if you will, into a higher and different reality. The atoms that comprise us and everything around us vibrate like the strings of a violin when touched by a bow. These cosmic vibrations reverberate throughout the universe, connecting the infinitesimal with the infinite and back again. In this sense, everything is energy, everything is vibration and everything that exists, including you, can be tuned so that it is in harmony with its true nature.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.Nikola Tesla

We have seen that each of us is comprised of an almost infinite number of atoms, each one a string that weaves us into the warp and woof of eternity. This infinity within connects us to the infinity without. A universe comprised of an almost infinite number of stars, each one containing its own universe of atoms, all flawlessly vibrating. The whole cosmos is in harmony. We, as integral parts of that cosmos, are naturally in harmony as well. Our real selves contribute to this symphony of creation, a true music of the spheres. On the level of the infinite we are complete, whole and healthy. We are naturally in tune.

However, it is possible to be out of tune with our essential nature. It is possible to become distanced from our true selves and disconnected with who we really are. This disconnection and distancing can have different causes – society, and the systems within it, can place constraints on our behavior. Friends and family members, although well meaning, can also cause constraint by expecting us to act in ways that have nothing to do with our essential self. Finally, we can self-constrain ourselves by believing in the judgments of others, intentionally hobbling our natural capabilities, or by living vicariously through someone else, trying to glean second hand happiness through their fulfillment. This distance and disconnection is the root cause of all suffering, since it prevents us from embracing our true humanity.

Vibrational transformation is a science based method that allows us to get back in touch with our real selves by changing the energy within us, bringing us back in tune with our natural state. It is a real life solution to real life problems.

Think about water. It can exist in three very different states. When frozen, it is a solid, cold and heavy. The vibrations of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that comprise it are slowed. However, when you heat ice, those atoms begin to vibrate more vigorously and it is transformed into a liquid. It is still dense, but it’s lighter than it was. If you raise the heat even higher, the atoms that make up water vibrate at an even higher frequency and it becomes a gas. Then it becomes light. It is translucent. It is transformed.

The same process holds true for us on an emotional level. Our true selves, whole and happy, vibrate at a high natural frequency. Constraints, trauma and negative emotion operate to lower this frequency. Our feelings and our thoughts then fixate and revolve around this negativity, lowering our energy, trapping us in cycles of destructive and non-productive behavior. When this happens, we are like a gas that is changed to a liquid and then a solid. We become heavier and denser, weighed down by baggage that is often not of our making. We solidify into an unnatural form. Anger becomes rage. Sadness becomes depression. Hopelessness becomes a habit.

Our natural state is love and we long to return to it. Vibrational transformation allows us to do just that. The density of our negative emotions and behaviors is an illusion, just as the solidity of physical objects around us is an illusion. The cosmos is mostly made up of empty space and so are we. Therefore, our natural form is light and lithe. It is warm and illuminated. Our true face exists in vibrational harmony with the rest of the cosmos. When you change your vibration, you change your energy and when you change your energy, you change your life. Vibrational transformation can empower you, allowing you to be the person who you truly are – full of inner peace, in love with life, brimming with good health and radiating an overall sense of well-being.

Science without spirituality is crippled. Spirituality without science is blind.Albert Einstein

When we look up into the night time sky, we are conscious of the existence of something other than ourselves. We are aware that we are a part of something that is profoundly enigmatic but, at the same time, approachable. We know, despite all of its vast distances, its strangeness and apparent implacability, that this place is our home. Therefore, we strive to understand the place in which we live. We seek to comprehend this mysterious and magnificent mechanism that is the cosmos.

Science is one method of achieving this understanding. Spirituality is another. Far from being mutually exclusive or antagonistic, they are, in fact, two fingers on the same hand, twined roads that lead to the same place. One without the other diminishes both and leaves the door open to the disturbances of dogma and doctrine. Together, each enhances the other, combining the best elements of human consciousness to form a beacon that illuminates the darkness of ignorance.

This means that amazingly powerful and positive experiences can be found at the intersection of science and spirituality. At that crossroads, science and spirituality blur and blend because each is nothing more than a manifestation of the essential unity that is the truth of nature. The teachings of vibrational transformation are powerful and positive, precisely because they are based on this truth, this unity and this connectivity. Vibrational transformation stands squarely in the middle of this crossroads. It combines the power of science and spirituality to produce distinct and defined changes in your personal energy that will not only change your life, but will also allow you to clearly see the infinite potential inherent in the infinite you.

“You are infinite. Within you resides the very same spark of immeasurable energy and limitless potential that fires the cosmos.Panache Desai

The universe and the energy it contains are, for all intents and purposes, infinite. This means that you are infinite as well. All of us, every man, woman, father, son, mother, daughter, has the ability to connect with the limitless potential that is contained within our true selves.

When someone is connected to who they really are they become aligned with the all of that infinite energy – the energy that is the pure vibration of love, of peace, of health and of well-being. A person who makes the connection to their authentic self then becomes a catalyst. They have the power not only to transform their own life, but to also transform everyone around them, raising their vibrations into the highest frequency. It is a positive feedback loop of the greatest good, the highest order and the best results. It is the infinity within connecting to the infinity without in the best possible way.


Breakthrough and live an awakened life