Master Series
Life Force: Prana, Mind and Karma
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The full revelation of your Divine Self – A sacred journey into the most profound teachings of the subtlest aspects of Divine creation, evolution and enlightenment.

Throughout this week-long sacred course you will be taken deeply into 7 teachings:

  • Prana: the divine Life Force
  • Prana: the vibration of Being
  • Prana as Mind
  • Prana and Creation
  • Prana, Karma and Enlightenment
  • The Power of Liberation and the subtle Prana
  • Samadhi

In addition to revealing these deepest teachings you will be immersed in the divine Life Force energy throughout the entire week.

Each day after you receive the advanced teaching you will receive the activation of Prana to unfold the experience of oneness.

Each day there is a new Pranic meditation.

At the conclusion of the course there is a 60 minute prerecorded call with Panache.

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