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The Enlightenment Course:
The Sacred Immersion Part 2
Cosmic Consciousness
The Witness
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When the conscious mind transcends existence it attains a state of pure Being – Turia. The mind is no longer individual mind. It becomes cosmic mind, omnipresent, and gains pure existence. In this state the transcendent becomes infused into the mind.

When this field of existence, pure awareness, transcendental consciousness, Turia, is infused into the mind and the mind comes back into relative life, it retains Turia, transcendental consciousness, while in the waking state of activity, sleeping or dreaming. It is the witness, the observer, the watcher.

When Turia is permanent and fully present in all activity, then Cosmic Consciousness is established. Then you witness all activity.

Through repeated immersion in vibrational transformation and meditation, this state can be permanently experienced. This is the first state of enlightenment.

Cosmic Consciousness can be known and unveiled within you. It is already there, but it remains hidden. It is time to reveal and express the fullness of your divinity.

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The Enlightenment Course brings to light the most profound teachings and activations on Enlightenment ever publically given. Enlightenment is your destiny and The Enlightenment Course holds the power to unfold the full revelation of that state within you.

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