Amplified Abundance – A Virtual Course for Vibrant Living

Amplified Abundance - A Virtual Course for Vibrant LivingA Virtual Course for Vibrant Living - Together we'll work so your life flows with peace, connection, and limitless abundance.

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Panache’s Global Telecourse, AMPLIFIED ABUNDANCE brings an innovative online classroom right to you.

Amplified Abundance - A Virtual Course for Vibrant Living

In which areas of life do you feel you have limited access?

  • Do you feel there’s never enough money?
  • Is your health a constant source of anxiety?
  • Do meaningful relationships always feel impossible?
  • Are you feeling disconnected from the Divine?
  • Do you always put yourself last?

Think about your answer. If you replied, “yes” to even one of these questions, you’re out of sync with yourself and your life.

Panache’s AMPLIFIED ABUNDANCE Global Telecourse is an online program that brings you into alignment with the five key areas of life and living – money, health, relationships, divine connection, and self-love. Insightful, effective vibrational teachings and tools allow you to address this energy around all these vital areas head on, allowing you to expand into new, exciting opportunities and possibilities.

By the end of the course, you’ll gain a greater understanding of how the energies surrounding your finances, vitality, partnerships, self worth and connection to spirit work together so you can experience transformation on all levels. We’ll work through the blocks that keep some areas from flowing with abundance and put into action hard-hitting solutions that will unlock your limitless potential in all five areas and beyond.

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What’s Included

In the Amplified Abundance Telecourse, Panache delivers five, 90-minute, interactive vibrational calls or teleclasses so you can experience the abundant energy directly from him.

PLUS participants receive a FIVE-hour downloadable AMPLIFIED ABUNDANCE Course Companion and Study Guide that delivers wisdom, insight, vibrational exercises, meditations, and much more to vibrationally support you before the course begins and long after it’s completed.

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Item 1 - Amplified Abundance - A Virtual Course for Vibrant Living

Panache’s motivational teachings and helpful tools not only put you in vibrational resonance with yourself, but with everyone and everything around you. This exceptional telecourse promises to be a powerful vibrational expansion tool for years to come.

  • PART 1 - MONEY

    Understanding True Abundance
    90-Minute Teleclass

    Money. Some spend their lives chasing it. Others are afraid of having it. Many people believe hard work and money go hand in hand. But your job or career is not just about money. It’s the embodiment of your truest expression that allows you to maintain a connected, comfortable relationship with your finances.

    Authenticity and money go hand in hand. It’s a relationship most people don’t understand or even consider. Your relationship with money coincides with your belief in yourself. It transforms when you accept yourself at your core and pursue work you believe in.

    In this 90-minute teleclass, we’ll dive deep to explore our complex relationship with money and how drowning out society’s pressures around wealth can make you more abundant than ever.


    Prioritizing YOU
    90-Minute Teleclass

    Question: How healthy are you? Do you know? Do you care?

    When it comes to health, you’re conditioned to look outside yourself for reasons to ignore it. You turn your attention to your career, relationship, or kids instead of taking care of yourself. Before you know it, your health breaks down in the form of a minor inconvenience or a supersized wake up call. Why? You didn’t love yourself enough to make your wellness a priority.

    Robust health takes more than just a new diet or exercise program. What’s required is the constant application of focus and awareness. It’s not just saying you want vitality. It means becoming the health you wish to attain. In this teleclass, we’ll ignite the deep vibrational transformation that enables you to show up for yourself, take action, and embody your most healthy life.


    All-Inclusive Love
    90-Minute Teleclass

    Too often we’re stuck in a relationship narrative that directs our energy toward making our partner happy and turning ourselves inside out to take care of that person. Family, media, conformity and numerous triggers from the outside world can silence the sacred voice inside you: the resonating call that defines a relationship that’s most authentic to you, no matter what that partnership looks like or how it’s judged by others.

    Authentic relationships are the most important elements of life. That irrefutable connection affects every area of your experience and is the bedrock of a fulfilled life. You must first be the partner, spouse, friend, or colleague you wish to commune with in the world.

    A true union is not dictated by anything external. It can only be realized from within. Tonight, Panache imparts effective tools and teachings that allow you to engage with the deepest part of your being, shut out the external interference, and embrace the authentic relationships you truly desire.


    Sourcing The Power Within
    90-Minute Teleclass

    You may think your spiritual practice or divine connection needs to look a certain way. Maybe you feel the need to attend church, wear mala beads, or spend hours in meditation searching for the perfect connection to God. But there’s only one channel in which to authentically access your most powerful spiritual connection. And it doesn’t come from anywhere but inside you.

    Spirituality itself can become a limitation. It’s the external pursuit of fulfillment. Until there’s experience or embodiment of your deepest truth, it’s not real for you.

    You are always the direct line to the Divine. This powerful connection is something you alone can establish. It’s time to let the facade of spirituality dissolve so you can be honest about who you are and what you need. The right belief or practice is not what’s kept you searching. All you were seeking was a safe place to be yourself.

    During this vibrationally infused 90-minute session, Panache helps you stop looking for spiritual connection outside yourself and discover that you are already your own guru, teacher, and master.


    The Key To Transformation
    90-Minute Teleclass

    Why is self-love always the last entry on your to-do list? Consciously acknowledging yourself and loving who you are is, for some, the most difficult job in life. But why do you put loving yourself last when it’s the gateway to your most abundant life? For some, the words “self-love” seem like a foreign language. But no matter what you’re feeling, coming to love and honor yourself shifts your life at the deepest level. Your self worth is the cornerstone in your relationship with money, health, bonds with others, and sacred connection throughout your lifetime. Selflove is not selfish. It’s what makes every area of your life flow. In this final 90-minute session, Panache will guide you through the most effective steps to loving yourself fully and open the doorway to your most abundant life.

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Amplified Abundance - 5-Hour Audio Course Companion

This dynamic five-hour vibrationally infused, downloadable Course Companion and Study Guide sets the foundation for your Amplified Abundance Telecourse. Through a combination of spoken word, energy, meditations, and integrations, these five – one hour downloadable recordings provide a vibrational roadmap that empowers you to align with abundance in every area of life and living.

Panache’s motivational teachings and helpful tools not only put you in vibrational resonance with yourself, but with everyone and everything around you, illuminating a path to a life you love.


    1-Hour Downloadable Vibrational Breakthrough Experience

    If your money, health, or relationships are not optimal, your abundant life isn’t able to authentically unfold. In order to embody your most incredible life, all areas need to be in a state of flow.

    Wishing for better finances, vitality, a loving partner, or increased connection to yourself and the Divine won’t bring about real change. You have to be the wealth, health, love, and union you wish to experience.

    Your feelings of self-doubt and self-hate are what keep you from being your most authentic self. But it’s not the outer pursuit that matters. It’s your inner connection. In this one-hour breakthrough experience, Panache helps disengage from the narrative of unworthiness and from the energy that keeps that feeling in place. As long as you’re living in a place of self-loathing, you can’t connect with the truth that’s already inside you.


    1-Hour Downloadable Vibrational Breakthrough Experience

    Here’s a fact: Human beings are constantly lying to themselves. We continually make excuses and justify our life the way it is so we remain in a perpetual state of victimhood.

    There’s a one-way ticket out of this state of denial – radical authenticity. Awakening authenticity is the doorway to greater possibility. In gaining the ability to acknowledge the truth of your experience to yourself, you are able to take the action required to implement that truth.

    Honesty allows the light, power and potential of your life to radiate. By stepping into authenticity, you’re fully engaging in all you are with no lies, and no resistance.

    Get ready to extend beyond the conversation. This breakthrough experience enables you be truthful with yourself and others as you shift into a way of life that wholly reflects the truest moment-to-moment expression of you.


    7 – 10 Minute Downloadable Daily Meditations

    These daily meditations help strengthen your soul connection every day of the week. Each meditation focuses on a different key area of life and anchors you deeply in the energy of stillness, spaciousness and love.



    1-Hour guided meditation and integration

    How do we truly live in connection and alignment with ourselves? Your own reality and inner sense of checks and balances will always be very different from anyone else’s. But when you forgo your own instincts and intuition, you violate your inner expression and begin listening to voices other than your own.

    If all expression is necessary, then there’s no part of us that’s wrong. We can only be who we are. It’s time to stop the second-guessing and start living in alignment with our authentic selves. In this one hour guided meditation, Panache helps you break out of the cycle of self-judgment that keeps you from expressing the real you and into a life that reflects who you were created to be.


    1-Hour Downloadable Video Course

    In the fast paced modern world, it’s easy to get swept up in commitments, obligations, and the “busyness” of life. Your priorities begin to spiral out of alignment and fall solely on “what you have to do” instead of what you need to do to live in a state of harmony and flow.

    Are you constantly anxious, physically exhausted, and emotionally depleted? Is your frenetic schedule hindering your job performance, your family time, your love life, your friendships or your own personal health and well-being? If so, ask yourself, “Am I anchored, honest, and present in my life?

    In this teaching, Panache prepares you for a practical exploration of five key pillars of life – money, health, relationships, divine connection and self-love. Listen to the wisdom from Panache as he explores via video the importance of each area of living and how you can harness the potent energy to amplify your life.

    During this 60-minute experience, Panache walks you through each pillar, and guides you through the most practical methods of embodying the wealth, health, love, connection and self-care you need to experience your most authentic, abundant expression in the world.

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Meet Panache Desai – Your Vibrational Catalyst and Teacher

Panache Desai - Transformational Catalyst

Panache is a transformational catalyst who guides people to access their authentic, essential nature. He has a global community of more than 500,000 and has appeared with Oprah Winfrey on her Emmy Award-winning series Super Soul Sunday as well as the OWN Series Help Desk.

He has collaborated and worked alongside industry leaders like Deepak Chopra, Iyanla Vanzant, Arianna Huffington, Ram Dass, Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Neale Donald Walsch, Elizabeth Lesser, Brian Weiss, Alan Cohen and James Redfield.

Panache has been the featured keynote speaker at I Can Do It, Celebrate Your Life, The Sun Valley Wellness Festival and a featured speaker at Arianna Huffington’s Third Metric Conference.

He is a frequent contributor to numerous online publications and is on faculty at the Omega Institute and Kripalu Center. Panache is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, and has addressed the United Nations. His first book, Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion and Joy, is a bestseller and is now in its 6th reprint. It has been translated into 10 languages.

Panache is a successful spiritual entrepreneur, devoted husband, father of four, and son. He has been on a spiritual path for 37 years. He brings a multifaceted approach with deep experience and a profound energetic connection to all his work. The insights Panache shares are rooted in ancient teachings combined with modern principles of quantum physics. His perspective is refreshingly non-judgmental, approachable and expansive– truly meeting you where you are and enabling you to grow from there.

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Amplified Abundance - A Virtual Course for Vibrant Living - Separator

Disclaimer: The information provided in Panache’s programs is not offered as medical or psychological advice and should not be considered medical or psychological advice. It is not intended to replace your relationship with your health care providers nor should you stop taking any medication. Always seek the advice of a physician or qualified health care professional regarding any mental, physical, or emotional conditions