The Wisdom of the Buddha

Timeless Tools for Today

Interpreted Through the Energy of Panache Desai

Coming November 22, 2018!


Buddha is not a name. It is actually a title which means “He who is awake”.

Siddhartha Gautama, who we know as the Buddha, lived 2500 years ago in an area near and around the northern border of India and the southern border of Nepal. Born into a privileged class, Siddhartha could have easily lived a relatively luxurious life, far removed from the death, disease, and day-to-day distresses of the common people. Instead, Siddhartha was touched by the suffering that he saw in the world. He devoted himself to a spiritual quest to find a way to end the cycle of suffering that plagues mankind.

After years of effort, Siddhartha “awoke” to the true nature of reality. In this state, he was now a Buddha and was no longer blinded by a veil of emotion, desires, and fears. Instead, he saw that all time and space, and everything and everyone that they contain, was one seamless, endless state of awareness permeated by universal love.

When he connected to this state, Buddha had the found the way to end human suffering that he sought.

For the rest of his life, the Buddha showed anyone who asked how to find and walk the path to the life they were always meant to lead.

It’s Time For You To Wake Up And Begin Living The Life You Were Always Meant To Lead!

The lessons that the Buddha taught are not dry pieces of religious scholarship, nor are they sacred information that can only be accessed and understood by a select and chosen few.

Instead, these timeless pieces of knowledge are meant to give real people, just like you, the tools they need to WAKE UP, STAND UP, and RISE UP into a new and better life – one free from doubt, worry, and fear.

NOW IS THE TIME! THIS IS THE MOMENT when you begin to let go of doubt, worry, and fear and begin living a life full of laughter, light, and love.

What You’ll Receive:

Five inspirational and powerful modules, each containing four enlightening videos plus one audio meditation. You will receive one module each week for five weeks giving you the most flexibility to digest this timeless content at your own pace.

  • An introductory video laying the foundation for that week’s teaching and how it relates to real world problems you’re facing;

  • Two teaching videos, each based on a quote or saying from the Buddha, in which Panache interprets this timeless wisdom delivering insights that will inspire and empower you to meet your life in new and powerful ways. Plus Panache expands your capacity to meet daily challenges with two powerful energetic activations.

  • An implementation video that sums up the relevance of the teaching, along with specific, actionable steps that you can use right now to begin living a better life; and

  • A short, timeless meditation designed to reinforce the wisdom and relevance of the teachings.

Let Panache Desai Show You How The Wisdom of the Buddha Can Fill Your Life With Laughter, Light, and Love!


The Buddha worked during his lifetime to end suffering. He left us his wisdom so that everyone, everywhere, could find their way to a better life!

This wisdom is not difficult to understand. You do not have to be a monk in order to access it! You simply need to have the curiosity and willingness to allow this wisdom into your life.

Let Panache Desai show you how to use these timeless words of wisdom as tools to help solve the real-world problems that you’re experiencing right now. Don’t delay!

The journey to your best life begins today!

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Disclaimer: The information provided in Panache’s programs is not offered as medical or psychological advice and should not be considered medical or psychological advice. It is not intended to replace your relationship with your health care providers nor should you stop taking any medication. Always seek the advice of a physician or qualified health care professional regarding any mental, physical, or emotional conditions