Meditation Master Series - Living Breath Awareness - Nourish your body, mind and spirit anywhere, anytime

Living Breath Awareness is a meditation practice that allows you to come back to center and experience inner peace on and off your meditation cushion. It’s a practice designed to help you liberate your authentic, loving, peaceful Self, not only in moments of stillness, but throughout your daily life.

Anyone can do this simple practice and the benefits are innumerable. Unlike many types of meditation, Living Breath Awareness works with your natural tendencies so that you can truly experience the freedom of simply being.

Finally, a Meditation Program that’s Easy, Effective and Doesn’t Require You to be Superhuman

Let’s face it. Most meditation programs expect you to ignore the very nature of your mind: thoughts.

Everything you read about meditation encourages you to ignore your thoughts, but you probably already know that’s not as easy as it sounds.

Perhaps you’ve tried meditating, only to feel disheartened that you can’t quiet your mind or still your emotions. Lack of focus, mental chatter and the time it takes to see results all add up to one discouraging mess. From that vantage, it feels like a pointless endeavor, and after a few attempts, you assume that meditation just isn’t for you.

I’m here to tell you that meditation is for everyone.
You can’t build a house with no tools or equipment, nor can you create a sustainable meditation practice without the tools and resources you need to create an enjoyable practice that you look forward to each day.

There is a better way. Living Breath Awareness offers you the solution to your meditation struggles so that you can finally access the holistic benefits meditation has to offer.

Living Breath Awareness Meditation SeriesLiving Breath Awareness is the Key to a Life of Freedom

Modern life is pretty stressful if you don’t have an outlet or a place to just be free.

The demands of your job, your relationship and a myriad of other responsibilities are often too much to bear. Feelings of anxiety and restlessness are the norm. So much so, that even when you have a free moment, you may find yourself looking for anything other than silence to fill the empty space.

You worry about your health, your future, the world around you. Everywhere you look, you’re given the same fear-based message. Everywhere, that is, aside from within yourself.

Imagine for a moment…

  • Finding a solution to the overwhelm; something that increases your well-being without you having to do anything…
  • Having a natural and effortless connection to an energy that fills you with a sense of meaning and purpose…
  • Radical acceptance that filters into all areas of your life, cutting through the noise and drama and creating a sense of harmony and contentment…

“It feels good. Kinda like when you have to shut your computer down, just sometimes when it goes crazy, you just shut it down and when you turn it on, it’s okay again. That’s what meditation is to me.”
– Ellen DeGeneres

There Are Thousands of Reasons toTry Living Breath Awareness

In Tim Ferriss’s book, Tools of Titans, he interviewed 200 of the top performing individuals, elite athletes, millionaire executives, thought leaders, artists and scientists in the world and found that over 80% of them had a meditation practice. There’s no question, the most successful people in the world meditate.

Why? Because it gets results. To date, thousands of studies have been done on the benefits of meditation for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Here’s a glimpse at what’s in store when you make Living Breath Awareness a part of your daily life:

  • ❖ Access Peak Performance and Flow State
  • ❖ Harmony and Balance
  • ❖ Ease and Allowing
  • ❖ Joy and Inner Bliss
  • ❖ Improved Health and Wellness
  • ❖ Spiritual Connection
  • ❖ Your Relationship to Life Transforms
Living Breath Awareness Meditation SeriesMeditation Has Never Been this Easy and Accessible

What makes Living Breath Awareness unique? Living Breath Awareness is different from most meditation modalities because it works with the mind instead of against it.

The techniques you’ll discover through Living Breath Awareness are applicable in all areas of your life. Through the vibrational power of acceptance, you can experience greater ease and energy at all times.

Living Breath Awareness teaches you how to:

  • Clear away mental clutter, not through willpower, focus or contemplation, but through acceptance and allowing…
  • Know that the thoughts that come up have a purpose… (They’re arising because you’re processing and letting go of pent up vibrational density.)…
  • Allow the mind to be as it is, without resistance or judgment, which makes for a far deeper experience that’s easy to maintain and feels enjoyable instead of feeling like a chore…
  • Explore who you are beyond your ego, raise your vibrational frequency and eventually, live your life in a permanently expanded, joyous and peaceful state…

The Living Breath Awareness Meditation Master Series is designed to give you a strong foundation for your practice to expand from in just seven days. With over 12 hours of teachings and meditations, you’ll have everything you need to create massive shifts in all areas of your life – just by sitting still.

“The thing about meditation is that you become more and more YOU.”
– David Lynch

Living Breath Awareness Meditation Series
Meet Panache Desai Your Vibrational Catalyst and Teacher
Panache Desai - Transformational Catalyst

Panache Desai is a world renowned thought leader, visionary and spiritual teacher. Through his gift of vibrational transformation, he empowers people with the experience and understanding of their limitless nature.

As a vibrational catalyst, Panache has touched the hearts of millions and helps people to discover their infinite potential every single day through his programs, live events, and writings.

He is a highly sought-after speaker, author and teacher and has appeared on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, addressed the United Nations Enlightenment Society and collaborated with internationally recognized spiritual teachers like Ram Dass, Neale Donald Walsch, Alan Cohen and many more.

The insights Panache shares are rooted in ancient teachings combined with modern principles of quantum physics. His perspective is refreshingly non-judgmental, approachable and expansive–truly meeting you where you are and enabling you to grow from there.

Living Breath Awareness Meditation Series

“Panache Desai is one of the most authentic illuminated beings on the planet. His teaching pierces to the heart of truth and bypasses all detours. I loved Panache from the moment I met him and I deeply respect him as a person and a brilliant teacher. Learn all you can from him. He will empower you to know yourself, the greatest gift of all.”

“Panache is one of the foremost spiritual leaders of our time whose teachings are at the vanguard of spiritual transformation.”

“Panache Desai is a true master, avatar, prophet. Simply being in his presence will change you. Panache is the new version of master; real, human, present for each member of his audience, authentic to the core.”

Living Breath Awareness Meditation Series
What’s Included - Living Breath Awareness Meditation
  • Seven 30-Minute Teachings and Activations

    Meditation shouldn’t be a guessing game. While it’s a simple practice, there are some foundational things you need to know. These teachings will inform and inspire you in a systematic and progressive way.


    This brand new 21-minute bonus Living Breath Awareness Activation that I specially created for the current crisis is designed to jumpstart your meditation practice by reconnecting you to your own natural energy, providing you with a foundational sense of meaning and purpose.

  • Seven 30-Minute Meditations for your Morning Practice

    You can use these meditations in the mornings throughout the seven day Living Breath Awareness series or at any other time. They are specifically designed to support you in your expansion and are yours to keep and use whenever you feel called.

  • Seven 30-Minute Meditations for your Evening Practice

    You can use these meditations in the evenings throughout the seven day Living Breath Awareness series or at any other time. They are specifically designed to support you in your expansion and are yours to keep and use whenever you feel called.

Bonus Items

  • An Updated Intro to Living Breath Awareness Video

    Everything you need to know about Living Breath Awareness and how to make the most of this powerful practice.

  • The 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Meditation PDF

    This video demystifies meditation and answers the most Frequently Asked Questions so that you’ll have total clarity for your journey ahead.

  • The Science of Meditation PDF

    A collection of studies and short explanations clarifying the well-researched benefits of meditation. Meditation has been shown to help with everything from increases in gray matter to a better immune system.

Living Breath Awareness Meditation Series

Love for Panache

“I’m much more attuned to life. I’m listening more deeply than ever before. I’m even more aware of my feet touching the ground. I take time at work to pause, breathe and just listen to the silence. My mind is much quieter. But even when it’s not, it doesn’t seem bother me as much now. I peacefully accept it now.Anne L. – Northridge, CA

“My own breath, my presence and awareness in the moment and being able to just receive whatever is being presented to me. I feel such great power in this practice. I feel I come home to me each time I do it. I feel empowered and deeply connected to Source! What a gift!”
Yamini B. – Houston, TX

On a subtle physical level I feel more peaceful than I ever have. I have a “cotton candy” kind of feeling throughout my body, and when I lose it, three breaths and slowing down a little will immediately take me back to the feeling of wellness that is there all the time! What a blessing!
Betty B. – The Hague

I experienced a deep connection to myself, a strong stillness that lies in me, no matter how difficult daily life sometimes seems. I can rely on a power in myself, that is wide and immense and yet so very gentle
Carolien B. – Brussels, Belgium

Living Breath Awareness Meditation Series
With Living Breath Awareness, There’s No Excuse Not to Meditate

By now, you know how powerful meditation is. You know that just like eating well, exercising and proper rest, meditation is an essential ingredient for a happy balanced life.

In the past, you haven’t had a streamlined approach that offered all the necessary tools and guidance to make meditation a part of your life. My friend, this is no longer the case.

Once you have the basic understanding of Living Breath Awareness, you can do it anywhere, anytime. You don’t need fancy binaural beats or a 10-day silent retreat in order to fully reap the benefits of your practice.

I implore you to give yourself this gift. It requires nothing aside from a small investment, a bit of time and the desire to dramatically improve all areas of your life.

Experience who you really are. Beyond your thoughts and emotions, labels and conditioning, you are expansive. When you connect to this part of yourself, the world opens up. Living Breath Awareness takes you out of your head and into your heart.

Go within and discover all that you are and all that you came here to be.

A One of a Kind Meditation Program that Paves the Way to Inner Stillness, Joy and Connection…
Living Breath Awareness Meditation Series
FAQs - Living Breath Awareness Meditation Series
Panache: Then you’re the type of person that needs meditation most. Living Breath Awareness encourages you to go at your own pace. Start with five minutes. If that’s too much, go down to three and keep increasing as you expand your ability to rest in the peace of purely being.
Living Breath Awareness Meditation Series
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Disclaimer: The information provided in Panache’s programs is not offered as medical or psychological advice and should not be considered medical or psychological advice. It is not intended to replace your relationship with your health care providers nor should you stop taking any medication. Always seek the advice of a physician or qualified health care professional regarding any mental, physical, or emotional conditions