m21 – Day 1 from Panache Desai on Vimeo.

Activate Your Luminosity

As a vibrational being, you are an energetic substation for expanded vibration and frequency. Your capacity to receive and transmit energy is infinite. The source of your struggle is your own inner incompletion.

Mindfulness allows you to disengage from the illusory external world and steeps you in the knowing that your inner reality is paramount in the creation of an empowered life.

Activating your luminosity allows you to bring all that you are into harmony, unleashing your dynamic potential and allowing it to inform every area of your life.



Today, as you sit in your sacred space, close your eyes and relax. Allow your entire physical body to remain upright and open to receive expansive energy. Invite your luminous core to expand until it fills your entire body. Imagine a golden ball of energy emanating from your solar plexus. Take more deep breaths. Expand it outward to fill your body. Feel the warmth and the energy coursing through your energetic system. Take more deep breaths and feel it expand beyond your fingertips, your toes and beyond the crown of your head. See it pierce through your aura and allow it to continue to expand.

Hold this image of your luminous nature, which is infinite, in your mind’s eye for the complete 21 minutes. Carry this feeling of limitless expansiveness throughout your day.

I’m deeply honored that you’re here
and that you’ve allowed yourself to open and receive the gift of Illumination.Panache Desai
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