“I’m inspired to create an advanced online experience that delivers the magnitude of breakthroughs that my destination immersion clients have grown to expect. This FIRST-EVER Online Immersion does just that…”

Grace: The Power of Self-Realization - An Advanced Online Immersion to Empower You to Embody Life-Changing Breakthroughs and Access Your Divine Destiny. Grace is the immutable power of realization that the divine uses every day to catapult you into authentic connection and your most empowered and dynamic life. Over seven consecutive days, learn how to recognize and connect with this greatest act of love so that you may evolve, flourish and thrive.

15 Hours of Vibrationally-Encoded Teachings and Interactive Sessions
designed to immerse you in the energy of vibrational transformation.

Grace: The Power of Self-Realization – Promo Video from Panache Desai on Vimeo.

If you are ready to transform every perceived challenge, trauma and story into light then this immersive course is for you.

Get ready to experience breakthrough after breakthrough as your personal frequency is accelerated and your vibrational potential is magnified.

This is your invitation to experience the highest states of being.



Self-realization is the complete remembrance and embodiment of your luminosity. It shifts you from an identification of the body, mind and personality into an authentic alignment with your soul. When your dynamic potential is freed to begin informing every area of your life, everything expands, accelerates and evolves. Everything.

This dynamic course delivers an immersive study and vibrational expansion of SELF REALIZATION and the role that GRACE plays in delivering you liberation from your limited self while reminding you of your transcendent potential. It delivers the energy and power that dissolves density, expands consciousness and allows for the full expression of your divine destiny.

“Grace: The Power of Self-Realization, is the energy and power of vibrational transformation.”

This Online Immersion offers an unparalleled opportunity to work with Panache at a deeper level of understanding and mastery, typically shared only during his exclusive 6-day Destination Immersions. Receive the timeless wisdom, insight, and vibrational tools that will support a massive expansion within your being.


“It took a lifetime to find Panache and thanks to him, I know the best is yet to come!”

Panache is a guide, a catalyst, a guru. He’s in my life at the divine right time. In letting go to fully experience his energy, I’m transforming my life. I see possibilities instead of problems. I dealt with patterns that created density. It took a lifetime to find him and I now know the best is yet to come!Laura H. – Ridgewood, NJ

I think he saved my life. I was headed into oblivion. He reminded me who I am and I feel grounded like I’ve never felt before. What a blessing.Marlena H. – Oakland, CA
I find that Panache is moving us deeper and deeper into the core of what separates us from our true self. And I am filled with gratitude for the richness of what is offered to us to help us unravel our divine being, I AM owning all that I am, in the fullness of my humanity.Christina P. – Landes France
This was a life changing program. I burst at the seams with gratitude for Panache, the vibrational elevation, the reminder to live my life!Heather B. – Grapevine, TX
I was able to see and dissolve issues that have been plaguing my family for generations. In a word, it was amazing! Denise B. – Monte Sereno, CA
I have spent time with other masters. I find that Panache is a blend of powerful energetics with amazing compassion and understanding. He brings a fresh approach to transformation that is in alignment with the times in which we live.Bindu J. – Tryon, NY
I have studied with all the great Master Teachers in person, and Panache is the only one that goes directly inside the emotional & vibrational aspects of our hearts & souls and teaches from this very deep, authentic place.Rita T. – Laguna Niguel, CA


Panache’s inaugural Advanced Online Immersion delivers the vibrationally-encoded wisdom, insight, energetic expansion and interactive opportunities for you to align with, integrate and maximize the most powerful teachings today.

Each element of this immersion was developed to sequentially support you over seven consecutive days so that you may open and align with the power of Grace and how it is here to transform your life; while aligning and expanding you with your greater remembrance of self-realization.

Each day, over seven consecutive days, Panache will deliver one Morning 20 Minute Video Teaching, one Afternoon 20 Minute Video Teaching, one 20 Minute Audio Meditation and a 60 Minute Facebook Stream in which he will hold a 20-Minute Vibrational Activation and plus Interactive Support and Q&A. In total, you will receive:

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  • immersion-wi-afternoon
  • immersion-wi-audio
  • grace-the-power-of-self-realization2


If you are on a path of discovery and expansion in which embodying life-changing breakthroughs and accessing your divine destiny is a priority than this course is for you.When you engage with vibrational transformation, you open the doorway to unlimited possibilities.

Disclaimer: In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the customer letters we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. We cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from using our product.