How Can You Help?

Join Angels to End Suffering…

Our Mission:
Disrupt human suffering by resolving past wounds, hurts and trauma.

Our Vision:
To create a world full of empowered individuals who embody and express their uniqueness freely and fully.

If you would like to support Panache’s mission and vision of ending suffering and creating empowered individuals, there are three ways to help: by offering your time, talent or treasure. Here are specific programs we invite you to participate in by joining Angels to End Suffering.

Offering Treasure

Give the gift of vibrational transformation to those who are ready to receive yet lack the financial means at this point on their journey. Offer the wisdom and teachings to others in your community or give the gift of transformation to your family, coworkers and friends. To give the gift of any Panache Desai Program currently offered, please email

Offering Talent

In an effort to assure the energy and teachings that Panache shares are available to everyone, he has begun sharing new and archived, free online programming on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat. We would love your help in expanding this outreach by posting this content, once a week, to these sites–as well as any other online group or program you are a part of. If you would like to be involved in this cutting edge way to share Panache’s work, please join the Angels to End Sufferings online program. To offer your talent in this area, please email Beverly at

Offering Time

Panache has in place an Ambassador program that invites individuals and groups to help expand his reach through a variety of organic promotional efforts–from hosting Book Club nights and webcast parties to writing blogs or articles for online and print magazines–and everything in between. They are empowered with a sampling of free recordings and videos to share with those new to Panache and supported in their efforts monthly by the Team and other Ambassadors through group brainstorming and idea sharing calls and an Ambassador Community page hosted on

Another way to offer your time that is always gratefully received is to join us in selflessly supporting Panache at live events by welcoming new and returning guests, assisting with registration and product sales, being a catcher at smackdowns, helping set-up or pack-up session rooms and vendor areas, the possibilities are endless!

If you would like to offer your time in supporting our community, please e-mail Darby at