2018 Calendar – Radical Inner Radiance

Panache Desai 2018 Event Calendar - The year of Radical Radiance and The enlightenment Course
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Panache Desai January 2018 Event Calendar  - The Year of Radical Inner Radiance and the Enlightenment Course
Soul Support 2018 - This is the Year of Radical Inner Radiance - Panache Desai
January 1
Soul Support 2018 – Yearlong Program

Soul Support represents a year-long commitment to being immersed in divine energy. It is pure Vibrational Transformation – experiencing and understanding liberation and unfolding all that it takes to thrive.

Join Panache for 12 Months of Soul-Guided Wisdom, Teachings, Meditations, Activations and Integrations. Online.

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Soul Support January 2018 - Thrive - Panache Desai
January 1
Soul Support: Thrive

Living in a state of realization of your full Divine light dissolves resistance and allows the full manifestation of divine power to fully express through you and as you. Thriving becomes the natural outcome of complete connection. Online

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January 2018 Deep Density Detox - The Path to Freedom
January 2
Deep Density Detox: The Path to Freedom

6 days immersed in the understanding of what blocks your experience of Oneness and Freedom, and the activations to remove all that veils your Self and the full expression of your free expression of divinity in this world. Online

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January 2018 Optimal Acceleration Program
January 18
OAP Teaching:

Moving from fearful and insecure to grounded, safe and connected

Advanced teaching: Creating a firm foundation; a soulful and abundant life

Santa Barbara 2018 - Destination Immersion - Panache Desai
January 28
The Santa Barbara Immersion:
Infinite Illumination
6-day In Person Event

As is our tradition, we will begin the year with our January Sacred Immersion: Complete Illumination, from January 28th through February 2nd. Revealing your complete illumination and living in the light of the divine is the highest intention for you. Existing permanently in this light and experiencing unity consciousness – complete illumination – is the focus for the Santa Barbara Immersion.

The powerful daily schedule will immerse you in the divine power of grace and transformation:

The Daily Santa Barbara Immersion Schedule:

  • Sunday: During the Opening Session, in an energy charged setting of personal darshan or divine communion, Panache will individually give each participant the sacred hug of grace activation known as Paritan Shakti.

  • Monday: Each participant will individually receive the decent of Grace – or a hands-on blessing known as Divya Diksha or Shaktipat. During this exchange, a powerful, dormant divine energy known by many names – such as Kundalini, the Holy Spirit, Ki, Chi, Rauch, n/um, Yesod and Quetzacoatl – and exists in everyone, will be activated

  • Tuesday: Panache will teach on the profound understanding of complete Illumination and give a hands-on activation.

  • Wednesday: Each participant will personally receive an energy transfer that facilitates the realignment of the subtle body with participants’ physical, mental and emotional bodies – lovingly known as a “smackdown”.

  • Thursday: Panache will individually activate each of the chakras – energy centers located throughout the body – with each participant and facilitate a continued immersion in the sacred Shakti.

  • Friday: Participants will receive the activation of oneness.

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Panache Desai February 2018 Event Calendar  - The Year of Radical Inner Radiance and the Enlightenment Course
February Soul Support – 2018 - Pure Joy
February 1
Soul Support: Pure Joy

To be engulfed permanently in your complete inner radiance allows the ever-new joy of your divine Self to manifest, becoming the foundational experience you live in. The light of the Self is always experienced as pure joy. Online

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February 2018 Optimal Acceleration Program
February 8
OAP Teaching:

Moving from Self-doubt and rigidity to Self-worth, Self-acceptance and allowing

Advanced Teaching: Developing emotional intelligence and an authentic sexual expression

Online Master Class - Stress Management
February 12
Master Class: Stress Management

To live a fulfilled and successful life where you function using 100% of your potential there must exist an equilibrium and coherence within your system that allows for optimal functioning. For optimal functioning there must be alignment, connection and resonance.

This 9 day course redefines your relationship with stress and allows for both a new way of dealing with it and creating an environment where stress can not affect your balance and connection. Online

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Panache Desai March 2018 Event Calendar  - The Year of Radical Inner Radiance and the Enlightenment Course
March Soul Support - Vital Recognition - Panache Desai
March 1
Soul Support: Vital Recognition

Recognizing your divinity unleashes the power and intelligence of universal consciousness. All limitations fall away as you become the vehicle through which universal intelligence expresses. Online

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March 2018 Optimal Acceleration Program
March 15
OAP Teaching:

Moving from powerless, depressed and reactive to empowered, creative and responsive

Advanced Teaching: Confidently stepping into your personal power

Online Immersion - Transcendental Consciousness: Turia - The Enlightenment Course Part 1
March 19
The Enlightenment Course

The Enlightenment Course is a 4 part Immersive experience to present the highest knowledge and open you to the highest experience; Enlightenment.


Before creation the Divine is pure existence, pure understanding and un-manifested pure awareness. It is pure “I”. This is the level of absolute pure Being that underlies all of existence. This is the level of un-manifested reality. It is the transcendent; beyond creation. It is undifferentiated and without attributes. It is the essential constituent of all that exists. It is pure silence, eternal, unmoving and un-manifested existence and understanding (Paramashiva). It is neither matter nor energy. It is beyond time, space and causation. It is pure consciousness. It is vibrationless. It is the Impersonal aspect of God.

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Panache Desai April 2018 Event Calendar  - The Year of Radical Inner Radiance and the Enlightenment Course
April Soul Support – 2018 - Love Amplified
April 1
Soul Support: Love Amplified

Love, as the initial expression of consciousness into manifestation, is your essential nature. When you remove all that separates you from your essential Self, love envelopes all that you are and all that you do. Online

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1440 Multiversity: Santa Cruz - Experience Authentic Connection - Panache Desai
April 6
1440 Multiversity:
Santa Cruz: Experience Authentic Connection
Scotts Valley, CA
3 day In Person Event

Living fully connected to your Authentic, Essential Self is the goal of all seeking. You search for it outside in relationships, possessions and circumstances, but it can only be found within, by connecting to the pure Being that lies within.

This connection you seek must happen on both the level of experience and understanding. It must become your tangible, permanent experience.

Panache Desai’s course, Experience Authentic Connection, is designed to immerse you in the energy of Pure Consciousness and present the framework that allows you to integrate this experience so it is fully reflected in your daily life.

Activating your divine energy, the ongoing experience of immersion in your divine energy and the deepest understanding of this power are the focus of Experience Authentic Connection.

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April 2018 Optimal Acceleration Program
April 12
OAP Teaching:

Moving from worthless, alone and vulnerable to compassionate, included and loved

Advanced Teaching: New pathways; creating a heart and soul centered life

Life Force: Prana, Mind and Karma
April 23
Life Force: A Master Class
Prana, Mind and Karma

Life Force is an advanced Master Class to expand your understanding of how the pulsation of Creative Intelligence moves into creation and becomes you, expressing as your existence and intelligence. This is a deeply profound exploration of you and the energy and consciousness that have become you. Online

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Panache Desai May 2018 Event Calendar  - The Year of Radical Inner Radiance and the Enlightenment Course
May Soul Support – 2018 - Effortless Expression
May 1
Soul Support: Effortless Expression

As your inner radiance manifests more and more fully, you become the natural expression of the divine in this world. When separation ends, divinity effortlessly expresses its perfection into reality through you. Online

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May 2018 Optimal Acceleration Program
May 10
OAP Teaching:

Moving from unexpressive, hesitant and closed off to self-confident and empathic

Advanced Teaching: The fullest expression of the essential Self

6-Day Sacred Destination Immersion - Enlightenment Revealed - Vancouver Island, British Columbia
May 20
Vancouver Island Immersion:
Enlightenment Revealed
6 Day In Person Event

The Vancouver Island destination Immersion will center around the 3 pillars of enlightenment; Shaktipat, the activation of the divine energy within you, Darshan, the repeated immersion in that divine energy and Satsang, the deepest understanding of the divine.

Enlightenment is your life’s purpose. Throughout 2018 Panache will be focused on The Enlightenment Course, revealing the highest teachings and offering the most powerful activations to reveal your enlightenment. The Vancouver Immersion represents the ‘in person’ aspect of the Enlightenment Course and is designed to give you the direct experience of the teachings contained in the Enlightenment Course.

The Vancouver Immersion is open to everyone committed to revealing their complete enlightenment. This immersion sold out quickly last year and there will be limited availability.

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Panache Desai June 2018 Event Calendar  - The Year of Radical Inner Radiance and the Enlightenment Course
June Soul Support – 2018 - Intuitive Wisdom
June 1
Soul Support: Intuitive Wisdom

Intuition arises from the connection of human and divine. It is the finest form of unified intelligence expressing. In connection, wisdom becomes the foundational wellspring of all expression. Online

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June 8
Celebrate Your Life, Chicago:
Immersed in Divine Light
3 Day Live Event

Your journey is one of remembering your essential Self, your true nature. To accomplish that, to replace forgetfulness with remembrance, you must experience it. This is not simply a path of learning something the mind can analyze or consider. True realization is a permanent experience, and for that you must become immersed in Divine Light.

Immersion is a vibrational experience, where you align your energy and vibrational frequency with the Highest. To be immersed in Divine Light is a possibility that can be made real. It is the purpose of our time together. It is the purpose of your life.

In your time with Panache you will:

  • See how your conditioning and wounding hide your divine light
  • Unlock the secrets to resolving this state of separation, and experience your authentic Self
  • Experience how to make the possibility of peace and fulfillment your reality

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June 2018 Optimal Acceleration Program
June 14
OAP Teaching:

Moving from untrusting, manipulated and lacking to peaceful and intuitive

Advanced Teaching: Trusting your intuition, living in harmony, experiencing surrender

3-Day Live Event - Passport to the Soul - Panache Desai
June 15
Omega: Passport to the Soul
3 Day Live Event

Your life is a journey of awakening. It is a vibrational journey of expansion and evolution.

Passport to the Soul is an immersive experience that re-connects you to your essential Self. Knowing your authentic Self is the most profound journey you can ever embark upon. It is a life changing experience that allows you to realize what was hidden within, realizing the fullness, the completeness, the oneness of your soul.

Join me and enter into a realm of the heart and soul of the essential YOU and reveal your divine nature, your divine essence. Omega 2018 is the passport to the soul, an essential journey of awakening.

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The Enlightenment Course - Cosmic Consciousness: The Witness
June 18
The Enlightenment Course
Part 2 – Cosmic Consciousness
Online Immersion

There are 7 states of consciousness. There are the 3 we are all aware of, waking, dreaming and deep sleep. But there are also 4 additional physiologically distinct states of consciousness. Turia, the 4th state – transcendental consciousness – is a state of pure Being. When the conscious mind transcends existence & vibration and attains a state of pure Being, when the mind totally becomes Being. The mind is no longer individual mind. It becomes cosmic mind, omnipresent, and gains pure existence. It has no capacity for experience. Individual mind does not exist because it has become existence. In this state the transcendent becomes infused into the mind.

When this field of existence, pure awareness, transcendental consciousness, Turia, is infused into the mind and the mind comes back into relative life, it retains turia, transcendental consciousness, while in the waking state of activity, sleeping or dreaming. It is the witness, the observer, the watcher. When this is a permanent state, that is Cosmic Consciousness, the 5th state of consciousness.

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Panache Desai July 2018 Event Calendar  - The Year of Radical Inner Radiance and the Enlightenment Course
July Soul Support – 2018 - Divine Expansion
July 1
Soul Support: Divine Expansion

Evolution and expansion are the nature of life. When you move into the flow and momentum of the river of divine manifestation, that flow of energy and intelligence allows your life to effortlessly fulfill your divine purpose.

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July 2018 Optimal Acceleration Program
July 5
OAP Teaching:

Moving from disconnected and depressed to soul balanced, connected and whole

Advanced Teaching: Living in connection, making an impact

Lao Tzu's - Teaching of the Tao-Te Ching
July 10
Sacred Teachings: Lao Tzu’s teaching of the Tao-Te Ching

Lao Tzu’s teachings were designed to bring you into Unity Consciousness. He taught: “To regard the fundamental as the essence, to regard things as coarse, to regard accumulation as deficiency, and to dwell quietly alone with the spiritual and the intelligent — herein lie the techniques of Tao of the ancients”.

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

Expanded teachings of the Tao are included in this 6 day sacred teachings course. Online

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Panache Desai August 2018 Event Calendar  - The Year of Radical Inner Radiance and the Enlightenment Course
August Soul Support – 2018 - Graceful Balance
August 1
Soul Support: Graceful Balance

Stress and resistance occur when your life is out of balance. Living in the energy of oneness restores divine balance and allows your life to regain its natural peace, fulfillment and purpose. Then grace, the power of remembrance and full connection, becomes the driving force in your life. Online

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August 2018 Optimal Acceleration Program
July 31
OAP Teaching:

Moving from crisis and confusion to wholeness, connection and understanding.

This call has been moved from August 2 to July 31st.

Advanced teaching: Crisis; from shattered dreams to expansive beginnings

Live Event - Transformational Mentoring - August 12 - Denver Colorado
August 12 – 16
Transformational Mentoring Mastermind:
Denver, Colorado
Live event

* Open only to those participating in Transformational Mentoring.

2018 Global Gathering - 3-Day Live Global Event - The Unlimited Power of Enlightenment - August 17 - Denver, Colorado - Panache Desai
AUGUST 17 – 19
The Global Gathering:
Absolute Love

Denver, Colorado
3 Day Live Global Event

Transformation is much more than understanding a high teaching. It is also about the direct experience of the power – the Sacred Energy – that reveals your Divine Nature and aligns you with the highest vibrational frequency.

When hundreds of people committed to their enlightenment come together from every corner of the world, a profound energy of emergence and revelation is created.

Multiple times, throughout the 3 days, Panache will activate and immerse you in the sacred energy, opening you to your authentic Self and expanding your experience of Oneness.

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Panache Desai September 2018 Event Calendar  - The Year of Radical Inner Radiance and the Enlightenment Course
September Soul Support – 2018 - Magnified Wonder
September 1
Soul Support: Magnified Wonder

When you see the world and yourself through the glasses of radical divine radiance everything is filled with wonder because you and the world are recognized as divine. Every moment is seen as the unfolding and expansion of divinity. Then the natural outcome of all expression is love, compassion and joy. Online

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September 2018 Optimal Acceleration Program
September 13
OAP Teaching:

Moving from anxiety and confusion to clarity, peace and fulfillment

Advanced Teaching:
Creating a peaceful internal and external environment

The Enlightenment Course - God Consciousness: Merging with the Divine
September 17
The Enlightenment Course

Part 3 – God Consciousness
Online Immersion

Prana is the nature of the Divine to create. When Prana is activated within the Absolute then the un-manifested impersonal God assumes the role of the creator. The un-manifested awareness, pure consciousness, assumes the role of creative intelligence. Creative intelligence has two main aspects: consciousness and power (energy). There is now a ‘relationship’ with itself and the slightest differentiation occurs within the un-manifested awareness.

This is the creation of vibration within absolute, pure consciousness. This is the creation of the finest relative aspect of creation, the personal God, God the creator, sustainer and destroyer. Supreme Being has become Almighty God. In the state of God Consciousness this level of existence is experienced and lived.

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Panache Desai October 2018 Event Calendar  - The Year of Radical Inner Radiance and the Enlightenment Course
October Soul Support – 2018 - Boundless Bliss
October 1
Soul Support: Boundless Bliss

Bliss is never static or dependent upon your situation or mood. It is the ever-new, ever-expanding, completely independent state of your Self. Connection to your inner radiance allows complete connection to the natural bliss of unity consciousness. Online

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October 2018 4-Day Live Event - Becoming a Master - Mastermind Program - Panache Desai
October 3 – 7
Divine Abundance
An Immersion for an Abundant Life

Panache has decided to create a Sacred Immersion during which he will give the Activation of Divine Abundance and share with you the 8 aspects of Divine Abundance, activating each one. This will support your full expression as the intelligence and power of the Divine entering this world.

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October 21 – 28
Rythmia Life Advancement Center:
The Liberation of the Essential Self
Guanacaste, Costa Rica
7 day In Person Event

Living life in the Authentic Self is a state that opens you to your unlimited nature; the highest bliss, the greatest abundance, and a continual state of well-being, peace and fulfillment. You access the divinity that you are and live in the state of revelation.

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October 2018 Optimal Acceleration Program
October 11
OAP Teaching:

Moving from discontentment and disconnection to community, love and purpose

Advanced Teaching:
Shifting from ‘I’ to We; Unity consciousness

Panache Desai November 2018 Event Calendar  - The Year of Radical Inner Radiance and the Enlightenment Course
November Soul Support – 2018 - Amplified Connectedness
November 1
Soul Support: Amplified Connectedness

Being in the divine energy radically quickens the integration of oneness, a state of complete connectedness to your divinity. As this state becomes established the experience of separation dissolves, replaced by the natural experience of your true, authentic and all-encompassing Self. Online

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Celebrate Your Life - 3-Day Live Event - Phoenix, Arizona - November 2018 - Panache Desai
November 2
Celebrate Your Life:
Know your Divinity
Phoenix, Arizona
3 Day Live Event

Life is often seen as a struggle, as a hard fought battle to be won. It is easy to forget that when you know your Self, when you realize your Divine nature, life unfolds in its perfection. Struggle is transformed into a flow of expansion and evolution naturally.

To enter this new state of flow and momentum, to gain realization of your authentic Self, is a process of Divine vibrational alignment. This requires up-leveling your vibrational frequency to align with that of the Divine. It is a process of immersing yourself in Divine energy and living from that expanded vibrational state. This is what happens when we come together and become saturated with the highest Divine vibration. This is grace.

In your time with Panache you will:

  • Understand what creates separation, struggle and suffering
  • Delve into the solutions to reveal your Divine nature
  • Experience the creativity, flow and momentum of Divine alignment

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November 2018 Optimal Acceleration Program
November 8
OAP Teaching:

Moving from need and unconscious choices to freedom and conscious decisions

Advanced Teaching:
Dismantling need

Sacred Teachings - The Enlightened Mind of the Buddha - Online Program
November 12
Sacred Teachings:
The Enlightened Mind of the Buddha

Buddha most valued compassion and wisdom. But he also valued such virtues as loving kindness, humanity, patience and giving. He linked the teaching of harmlessness closely with compassion and the compassionate desire to cause no harm to all beings including animals, plants, and the world in general. The Buddha stressed self-reliance and the Buddha himself told his followers not to believe without questioning, but to test it for themselves.

The Buddha’s goal was to bring peace and fulfillment to those who were committed to the teachings – to reveal the experience of Samadhi and Enlightenment.

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Panache Desai December 2018 Event Calendar  - The Year of Radical Inner Radiance and the Enlightenment Course
December Soul Support – 2018 - Enlightened Living
December 1
Soul Support:
Enlightened Living

Enlightenment is permanently living in the radical inner radiance of your divine Self. This is your natural state. This is your destiny. The 3 pillars of enlightenment are Activation of the sacred energy, the experience of consistent immersion in the energy, and the understanding of Divinity.

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December 2018 Optimal Acceleration Program
December 13
OAP Teaching:

Moving from resistance and dissonance to alignment and resonance

Advanced Teaching:
From struggle to freedom: Harmony, Balance and integration leading to liberation

The Enlightenment Course - Unity Consciousness - The Oneness of Brahman
December 17
The Enlightenment Course

Part 4 – Brahman Consciousness
Online Immersion

Life is Being. Being is the absolute, un-manifested state of pure awareness. It is the Supreme Being, the impersonal God. It is Being that vibrates and becomes the personal God, the manifested, created, relative reality of life. So life is absolute and relative.

In God Consciousness you experience the full absolute nature of life and you experience the full relative aspect of life side by side. You experience the impersonal and the personal aspects of God, side by side.

It is like a coin. One side is the absolute, unchanging part of life and the other side is the relative, ever-changing part of life. Brahman is the coin. Brahman is the indivisible whole – one without a second.

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